The 24th of May, 2014 is a day that will be remembered in the hearts of all who attended this year's edition of PURPLE (the Children's Charity Concert). Truth is that the night before I could hardly sleep, there is something I usually do,I like to visualize and see what the project or program would be like. I tried all night but was to excited,however one expectation was certain,that all children who come would not only have a day of fun but learn something new, something valuable for the journey called life.

So the morning of 24th came and 12 noon rolled in and over 700 children of different Status gathered for four straight hours (no barriers, no stigma, no segregation), we had non stop variety of Food, Lessons on obedience, being unique, role model segments , the Purple carpet, talented children in dance, music, acting, presenting and best of all education supplies in gift packs. Wow!!!

Thanks to all who supported, sponsored and endorsed this project individuals, cooperate organizations,volunteers etc.

Let's do the Purple clap:

"Clap Clap,Clap Clap Clap,Clap Clap Clap Clap.... PURPLE!!!"

At FAECARE we are already excited about 2015 edition ...yes! yes!! yes!!!

Well at least I am :-D


PS: More Pictures coming soon

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