Hanging Out with Osaki

"Love yourself and love others"

We at FAECARE had a chance to meet up with a lovely damsel with a beatiful heart.

Miss Osaki Theresa Georgewill is a mentor in FAECARE Foundation's Hope again Initiative project, a community based vocational skills and mentoring program for women with disability.

Join us as we get to know her better...


FAECARE Foundation:  Could you please introduce yourself for the record and tell us a bit about yourself

OSAKI: My name is Tamunoosaki Therese Georgewill, I'm from Rivers State native of kalabari (Abonnema). I am based at Eleme in Rivers State.

Am from a humble family of five, my parents and two siblings. Am the second child. I have lived up to 35years now.

Growing up was fun because I went to a special school (boarding) for physically challenged children from talking age for my nursery and primary education. In that school we were taught everything a child needs to know.

Secondary school was a girl’s school owned by the church, it was also a boarding school.

I went to school, from nursery to secondary, on scholarship  (by the Catholic Church).

Today, I am a graduate of Rivers State University of Science and Technology where I obtained a degree B.Sc. (Computer Science).

Currently I work in a company INTEL’S as a departmental (Administration) secretary.


FAECARE Foundation:  Please tell us about the disability, how and at what age were you diagnosed and what was the diagnosis?

OSAKI: I was told it was an attack of polio as infant, i do not know how old i was precisely,. I walk with the support of crutches. It affected both legs.


FAECARE Foundation:   When did you first realize or become conscious that you moved a bit differently than others, were u treated any differently by family, friends, and other children?

OSAKI: I realized i was "different" when I started attending a special school, especially because i didn't attend regular school like others. In the school we all had different disabilities, i made friends and was treated well.

Family treats me different with pity and love and they are also careful with me. I would say the general treatment  from people has been between good and bad, i have experienced all.


FAECARE Foundation:  As a woman living with a disability in Nigeria, what would you say your greatest challenge has been and how have you handled this challenge so far?

OSAKI: I need to smile answering this question.  

The greatest challenge has been taking care of a family especially (me) am talking of personal care.

Sometimes i also wonder in my mind who is going to love this beautiful lady without minding of what the outcome will be despite the disability.

As to how i handle the challenge, i go throw life believing everything will be fine since i am not the maker of myself. Fortunately I had good foundation and upbringing that groom instilled me  with a lot of  love and thought me to have faith in myself.

So far,  in this walk of life, i have continued to experience strength and love come everywhere I step my feet.


FAECARE Foundation:  What are some of the other challenges that Persons with Disability encounter generally?

OSAKI: I think low self-esteem is a great challenge of most persons with disability especially women with disability.


FAECARE Foundation:  What are your thoughts on the lack of a law to protect the rights of PWDs in Nigeria till date?

OSAKI: I think Persons with Disability  should be more involved in policy making processes.


FAECARE Foundation: Before we live you do you have any words for our special friends and others out there?

OSAKI"Disability is an opportunity in disguise." 


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