Still Going Strong


Dear Friend and Partner,

The beginning of every year is always a very exciting time simply because there’s a new energy, new expectations and even new resolutions. As an organization we at FAECARE are set for another amazing season loaded with the opportunities to do and do it better. We have since inception consolidated our target vulnerable groups and have an array of programs to bring step support delivery services and relevant interventions within our thematic areas.

In 2016 we carried out a major project tagged “Hope Again Initiative” , a community based vocational training and mentoring program for ladies with disability in various communities in Rivers and Akwa Ibom state. Through partnership and collaboration we were able to distribute 2658 Rivers State Government primary and secondary school textbooks received from Africare to Orphans, Vulnerable and other children who were in need. With the support of our esteemed partners and volunteers we reached at least 1750 children through our various result and outcome oriented programs and projects and carried out 3153 malaria tests in various communities.

In 2017 as an organization, through organizational development and assessment we will continue to check and improve our internal and external structures and controls, build capacity of human resources that engage with us, remain focused on our mission and vision and stay guided by our values. We will continue in all our current program and project areas, scaling up in some key areas and bring more to the partnership and volunteering experience.

Many have continued to ask the pertinent question “How Do I get involved with FAECARE Foundation?”  In response to this I say yes you can be involved with FAECARE Foundation Irrespective of location, state or country. You can be a pillar in FAECARE as a financial partner, choosing how you would like to engage – monthly, quarterly, annually or per project/program. Another key way of engaging with us is through volunteering, from planning to execution of programs or online on social media. To volunteer please fill this Google form  or write to us via email.

As we move out to make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children, youths, persons with disability, the less privileged in society and communities. We look forward to maintaining existing partnerships and gaining new ones …Together we will keep on!! Welcome to our 2017 at FAECARE Foundation.

Freky Andrew-Essien